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Jan 28, 2013 11:00pm EST
this week. we have to believe that the fed sees the same strength in the economy that you and i do, starting to fret about all that easy money. interest rates are going higher, ten-year treasury trading to 2% today. we don't know if that's going to defeat the fed's efforts to keep rates low, or is it just fine? because at a certain point, the economy does catch fire, and then we don't need the fed support. think about this, i just got a 2.75% mortgage last friday. how long can that last? i think i caught the bottom. finally, while the earnings have been good, we still keep hearing lots of chatter about how the top line is not so at the top line, the top line, the top line. it's starting to annoy me. all i can say is i've ignored this kind of illogic and bogus thinking for ages. i'm not going to be trapped by it. instead, i'm thinking about when that top line does come back, when the sales do roar, after all the shares that have bought back, it's going to produce profits like you wouldn't believe because of how lean our companies have become. they fired a lot of people during the ba
Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm EST
us economy respond? she goes onto say the definite needs to be dealt with in a matter of months. back to stephanie again. she tells me that all anyone is doing is focused on the numbers in lat tip america. so a stock that has been sinking goes flying up. it ends up being one of the best performing stocking. again, a huge move for this one. believe me, if these were isolated examples i would be fine with them. but there are so many like this, you can see why all of this trading is fraught with calamity and chances for you to lose money with every twist and turn. i sure liked the look of ibm and google earnings and i liked the way the stocks traded after the close. until i hear the conference call myself, i am not going to pronounce them as terrific. i'm goi ining to say come on ji. >> how can you blame me for not wanting to pull these quarters apart myself? do the analysis myself? my charitiable trust, it is not idle chatter when i say these are the worst times of the year to try and make money. even if the data points are meaningless or wrong. please, stop, look, listen before you tak
Jan 25, 2013 11:00pm EST
housing market's come back, is coming back, sixth largest economy in the world, and you guys are in the thick of it, right? with some areas that were very depressed that are now roaring. >> well, we are really encouraged by the turnaround in california. what we reported this morning is that in the fourth quarter or california house sales increased 80% in the quarter. that's been the slowest market to turn around. but as you know, a very big economic engine in this country. and so for us california means not just our own housing start, activity in our housing operation, but also that's the major market for our west coast saw mills and ultimately for the timberlands on the west coast. >> this morning i was on the "today" show and savannah guthrie, she's fabulous, she asked me, jim, all these companies are making a lot of money but are they doing any hiring? i said not that much. what i should have said is you guys in your transcript today make it very clear you are actually hiring people right now. >> well, we are. and most of the hiring in our company today is in our wood products ma
Jan 25, 2013 3:00am EST
disarray in washington? the higher payroll taxes, and the general sense that the economy's not getting any better. is it? the answer's simple. why you may not think the overall economy is getting better, you're missing the big picture, partner. if you were to ask me to game the market using just one figure, one figure only, it wouldn't be what apple earns, the gross domestic product, the growth rate of earnings or the dividend yield of the s&p, it would be the weekly jobless claims. the weekly jobless claims is an indicator of future employment in this country. there's absolutely no coincidence that we had five-year highs today in the stock market. at the same time that unemployment claims hit five-year lows. it isn't fanciful that the market's roaring because jobs are being created at an accelerating pace. it's the most important determinant of the stock market. after all, the market got crushed when unemployment went above 5.5% and soared right into the great recession. i think these positive jobless numbers are occurring because of the certainty that comes from putting a pre
Jan 23, 2013 6:00pm EST
about 30% below their 2006 peak. so we've got room here. however, if the economy falls through the floor again, listen, there's nothing you can do. rail cars get hammered, they are very cyclical. secondly, we know the real bull market is in tank cars, which comprised 70% of the rail car industry backlogs. isn't that amazing? it's huge. even better, tank cars are higher margin propositions. and the long backlog means the pricing for these tanks are going to go higher. there are four main players in the business. trinity, greenbeyer and american rail car. we don't want just any rail cars, we want tank cars. and the two names with the most exposure are american rail car, which is symbol arii and trinity industries, i used to talk about that a lot in the old days, trn. if you're looking for a way to play the space, these are the two you've got to go with. american rail car is a pure play on this business, one that gets 20% of the sales from tank cars, i think the most leverage to the bull market and as well as the upside and a 2.8% yield. trinity on the other hand is the broadest suppl
Jan 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
a cautious year. the question is how will the u.s. economy respond. now i'm like you are about to lower the boom on 2013, how could you do that. she goes on to say we've taken good steps around the debts but the deficit has to be dealt with and it needs to be dealt with in a matter of months. oh golly. down goes dupont in pre-market trading. within a few minutes she tells me that all anyone is focused on is the country is doing pretty darned good especially in latin america. with that commodity in question, a stock that had been sinking now reverses and ends up flying up as it should have won the earnings were first reported. one of the best performing stocks in the dow. again, a huge move for this one. believe me, if these were just isolated examples i would be fine with them, but they are par for the course and there are so many better like this, you can see what i regard all this trading off the headlines, without people really looking, to be fraught with calamity and chances for you to lose money with almost every twist and turn. i sure liked the look of ibm and google earning
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)